Social makes people smarter

Social makes people smarter

Researchers compared the level of cognition with the frequency of socialization and found that the more socially the better the cognitive level test.

  Oscar pointed out that socializing requires people to deal with strangers, so socializing can be an exercise in brain cognition.

If you communicate with friends at a party, you have to distribute your attention to everyone, and your brain keeps flashing their information, such as name, occupation, personality, etc.

During the whole activity, the cerebral cortex is always excited.

  The active atmosphere is always what we need to do when we interact with people, so we will extract topics about sports, entertainment, life, fashion and other topics from the “database” of the brain, and arouse everyone’s interest.

Maybe from time to time you still want to talk about the last paragraph, shaking with burdens.

Impromptu language communication has a great training effect on comprehension, generalization and anticipation.

  Finally, communicating with people is the only magic weapon for venting emotions and maintaining mental health.

Maybe the object of the exchange is not the dead party, and you ca n’t admit how you are dissatisfied with your boss. Your colleague wears small shoes for you, and your husband has left you indifferently . But the exchange has shifted your attention to these events to other things., Shopping mall discount, which allows you to set aside your worries temporarily and calm down.