[How to mix up with higher nutrition?

】 _How to match_High nutrition

[How to mix up with higher nutrition?
】 _How to match_High nutrition

When your baby starts to have teeth, in fact, you can gradually feed your child some rice cereal to supplement the nutrition, and also increase the child’s satiety.

In fact, there are many types of rice cereals, and the nutrition and taste of other rice cereals are different.

Common rice cereal mix methods include purple potato rice cereal, cereal rice cereal, pumpkin rice cereal and so on.

Purple sweet potato rice paste Purple sweet potato everyone has eaten, the taste is similar to sweet potatoes, but not as sweet as sweet potatoes. If purple potatoes are made into rice paste, it is delicious and nutritious. A bowl of breakfast is very good.

Material: Purple sweet potato, rice.

Method: Cut the purple potatoes you bought and cut them, and soak them with the washed rice for one night.

Then pour the soaked purple potatoes, rice, and water into the soymilk maker together to make rice paste. A bowl of nutritious rice paste is complete.

Grain and rice cereal raw materials: sweet potatoes, wheat kernels, coarse rice, corn flakes each amount.

Method: Wash all the ingredients in the above ingredients with water, soak the wheat kernels and flour rice for a while, practise peeling and cutting into small pieces, pour into the blender, add corn flakes, wheat kernels and flour rice, plus theClear water, stamped and started, and after a while, the fragrant rice cereal was finished.

Pumpkin paste material: pumpkin, rice each amount.

Method: Peel the fresh yellow-skinned pumpkin, wash it, cut into pieces, and wash the rice with water. Put the yellow-skinned pumpkin and rice into the machine together, add a little water, and add rice paste.

Nut rice paste ingredients: nuts, rice each amount.

Method: Put the peeled walnut kernels, peanuts and rice together in the soaking water for one night, put the soaked materials into the soybean milk machine and grind them into the paste the next morning.

Yam sweet potato rice paste raw materials: sweet potatoes, yam, rice, black sesame powder, white sugar each amount.

Method: Steam the sweet potatoes first, and cook the yam first. After steaming, put them in a container, add black sesame powder, rice and sugar, and add water. Here, it is best to use boiled water and break it.

Chestnut rice paste materials: yellow-skinned pumpkin, chestnut, rice.

Method: Wash and cut the pumpkin bought in the supermarket, add it to the washed rice, add water, and handle the chestnuts. Put the soaked pumpkin pieces, rice and chestnuts together in the soybean milk machine, add water, and add rice paste.Enough.