[How to maintain male sexual ability]_Sexual ability_Men_How to maintain_How to maintain

[How to maintain male sexual ability]_Sexual ability_Men_How to maintain_How to maintain

When a person’s age increases, men’s sexual abilities tend to get worse and worse. Some people, when they are about 50 years old, often have no sexual desire, or have sexual desire but also have more than enough power.

If at this time the wife still has sexual requirements, then, as time goes by, it may endanger the harmony of the family.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly men also need to pay attention to maintaining their sexual ability.

Coup one: Regular exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction have a positive effect on sex.

People who adhere to regular exercise have a quick response, slow organ degradation, and enhanced disease resistance.

If you are strong, you will slow down the decline of sexual function.

Studies have shown that alcohol slows down the rate of ketoacetate production, and the toxins in smoke can inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.

Coup two: Persistent zinc supplementation, zinc zinc, selenium, and selenium together can improve men’s sperm quality and sperm motility, change sperm liquefaction time, promote spermatogenesis and improve immunity.

Only with increased sperm motility can male sexual performance be maintained.

It is medically recommended that men aged 50 years and older take Yuzhiyuan tablets for 2-3 months, which can greatly promote male sperm production, improve sperm activity, and maintain male sexual function.

Coup three: Improve initiative and stick to sex 25?
At the age of 29, 51% of young men think of sex when they see their wives naked, but by the age of 45, that number has dropped to only 40%.

The study found that 90% of men over 60 have sexual desire.

4%, 54.

7% have strong sexual demands.

Middle-aged couples should not only have sex when they are sexually impulsive. Instead, they must “do it deliberately”, improve initiative, and be considerate of each other.

Coup 4: To control the speed Young people have fast sex and full power, which can quickly produce pleasure, but after middle age, whether men or women, pleasure will come slowly.

Therefore, men should not pump too fast, each time they smash their strength and gradually reach the climax.

If you are already middle-aged or even moving towards the elderly, then you need to pay attention to the various methods mentioned above, so that you can maintain your sexual abilities.

Usually you need to exercise a lot, and your body is strong, then your sexual ability will gradually decrease.

But pay attention to avoid taking aphrodisiac as much as possible, which is bad for your health.